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Contains wheat, soy, dairy eggs & sulphites. May contain nuts.

Guaranteed Laughs

Loved by 10,000+ People

Fast & Anonymous Shipping

Locally Handmade

What We're Packing

6 Waffle Cakes

Yes, it is what you think it is... the world’s first ever waffle cake! In fact, it’s made using my mother’s secret recipe…just packaged a bit differently 😉

1 Jar of Fudgin’ Delish

Our hot fudge is sure to give you a MOUTHGASM. Lather it on waffles, ice cream, fruits, crackers, nuts:) or even someone special.

1 Sack of Tip Toppers

Rainbrow sprinkles to bedazzle your treats. Life is more fun with color. So top your tips to start tasting the rainbow.

bite big laugh long love hard bite big
bite big laugh long love hard bite big

Our Story

We combined our love of baking and sophomoric humor to create the Bulge Box, the perfect gift for any party. When we say ANY, we really mean it: bachelorettes, bachelors, birthdays, gender reveals, retirements, bar mitzvahs, holidays, reunions, YOU NAME IT! In 2020, we first started selling our waffles at music festivals. With lines of 100+ people, we realized we NEEDED to get these in the mouths of people across the country…so it is with great excitement that we’d like to announce we are NOW shipping nationwide!